LV surge arresters
NNO and MOSIPO are low voltage metal oxide surge arresters with silicone coating. They are designed to be installed in LV power lines or in junction boxes up to 1 kV as the first level of protection against direct lightning strikes.

All types of LV ZnO surge arresters are tested in an internationally accredited laboratory. All technical and other relevant information - product catalogue (pages from 7 to 20).

    NNO 10/275
    NNO 10/440
    MOSIPO 15/275 x 2
    MOSIPO 15/360 x 2
    MOSIPO 15/440 x 2
    MOSIPO 10/275
    MOSIPO 10/440
    MOSIPO 15/275
    MOSIPO 15/440
    MOSIPO 15/690
    NNO, MOSIPO sets
    LV connector P1
    LV connector P2
    LV connector P3
    LV connector P4
    LV connector P5
    LV connector P6
    TY1 single pole
    TY1 double pole
    TY1 triple pole
    TY1 quadruple pole
    TY1-F single pole