MV tension / suspension insulators
NKI are tension / suspension composite insulators coated with two component liquid silicone rubber. They are designed to be installed in overhead power lines with voltage up to 52 kV.

All technical and other relevant information - product catalogue (pages from 41 to 58).

    NKI eye-eye
    NKI eye-eye 90º
    NKI ball-ball
    NKI socket-socket
    NKI clevis-clevis
    NKI eye-ball
    NKI socket-eye
    NKI eye-clevis
    NKI socket-ball
    NKI clevis-ball
    NKI socket-clevis
    NKI clevis-clevis 90º
    NKI rod-rod
    NKI rod ¾''-rod ¾''
    NKI insulators - order example
    3.17 NKI single tension string
    3.18 NKI single tension string with arcing horn
    3.19 NKI double tension string
    3.20 NKI single suspension string
    3.21 NKI single suspension string 90°
    3.22 NKI single suspension string with arcing horn
    3.23 NKI single suspension string 90° with arcing horn
    3.24 NKI double suspension string
    3.25 NKI double suspension string 90°