MV post insulators
PKI are post composite insulators with silicone coating. They are designed to be installed on overhead power lines with rated voltages up to 52 kV.

All technical and other relevant information - product catalogue (pages from 59 to 80).

    PKI without a clamp
    PKI with a hole
    PKI with an adapter
    PKI with spring clamp
    PKI with weakened spring clamp
    PKI with a cap
    PKI with a cap with screws
    PKIL for switcher
    PKI for conductor AlFe 120/CC 99
    PKI protection for birds
    PKI safe installation through the woods
    PKI insulators sets
    PKI insulators - order example
    PA covers
    4.20 PA cap SZM/0
    4.21 PA cap with PA screws SZM/3
    4.22 PA bolt
    4.23 PA body of spring clamp
    4.24 PA cable tie
    4.25 PA screw
    4.26 MV silicone coat SILP
    OPKI pins
    OPKIL pin for switcher