Izoelektro strives for nature conservation and pollution prevention. We are constantly reducing the percentage of waste material in the production, energy consumption, controlling noise emissions in the environment and ensuring safe operation of the machines. At the manufacture and development of new products we are considering all environmental policy objectives which relate to:

  • ensuring smaller loss of electrical power,
  • the possibility of recycling our products after use,
  • responsible use of natural resources.

All employees are aware of and understand this policy. The company is committed to constantly improving attitude towards the environment and prevent pollution.

The company operates in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations relating to our location and activity.


Why the ISO 14001 Standard?

  • Aims to achieve continuous improvement in environmental protection by setting and achieving measurable objectives and goals
  • Promotes reduction in using energy, water and raw materials
  • Encourages reduction or removal of environmental impacts due to our operations and products
  • Requires compliance with regulatory requirements and total transparency necessary to make any inspection easier
  • Has a lasting international value as it is the result of a broad international consensus
  • When certified, it provides proof to customers, partners, local authorities, employees and the public community of the constant commitment the company has to environmental protection