NKI are tension/suspension composite insulators coated
with silicone rubber. They are designed to be installed in
overhead power lines with voltage up to 52 kV.

Tension/suspension composite insulators NKI are:
• resistant to UV radiation and chemical influences,
• resistant to weathering and aging,
• coated with silicone without additives,
• suitable for aggressive environments (industry,
seaside and desert climate,…),
• insensitive to impacts.

The position for installing tension composite insulators NKI
is decided by directives and technical regulations. They
are being installed in new constructions, reconstructions
and at maintenance. Newly installed NKI insulators have no
impact on any change of insulation coordination regardless
to previous installed insulators in overhead power lines.

General data
• Specified mechanical load (SML): 90 kN
• Maximum torsion load: 50 Nm
• Ambient temperature range: T = -60 °C … +85 °C
• Coat: silicone LSR
• Silicone colour: grey
• Material of end fittings: steel
• Surface protection of fittings: hot zinc ≥ 70 µm
• Tolerance in length: ±10 mm
• Tested according to standard:
IEC 61109, IEC/TS 60815, IEC 62217, IEC 61466
IEC 61284


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