Go smarter with Edge Impulse

Go smarter with Edge Impulse

March 8, 2021

Izoelektro has entered into a partnership with Edge Impulse, IRNAS and Arm which came together to develop and deploy embedded machine learning models to help us build one of the world’s most advanced power grid monitoring systems with RAM-1. Leveraging Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF9160 with a Cortex-M33 processor, we created models that can run inferencing on the pole-mounted devices so efficiently, they will last 20 years on a single battery charge. This enables power grid operators to detect a range of potential faults remotely and take immediate corrective action in the event of failures.

Edge Impulse machine learning methodology enabled a rapid roll-out of ML model based on the large volume of data collected by RAM-1 product in the trial operation over the past year. We will continue to use Edge Impulse advanced solutions.

Check out a short video that we have created with our partners.